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Clara Jaz

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Clara Jaz

Clara Jaz, the pseudonym of Agata-Maria Raatz, is a remarkable composer whose compositions have gained international acclaim.

Her talent and artistic vision have recently garnered prestigious recognition in New York at the Manhattan Music Competition, where she achieved the First Great Award in the composition category.


As a result of this remarkable accomplishment, Agata-Maria Raatz has received a invitation to perform her compositions at the internationally renowned Carnegie Hall.


Her works have been broadcast on esteemed radio stations, including BBC, SFR 2, Catalunya Radio, Polish Radio 2, Radio New Zealand, and Sveriges Radio.

In 2021 she composed "Cremona Virus," a piece for solo violin commissioned by Katharina Abbühl,

a violin maker from Cremona. This composition was intended to bring hope during the pandemic while also highlighting the remarkable history of violin-making, from the times of Amati, Stradivari, and Guarneri up to the present day.

AMR's works harmoniously blend artistic expressiveness and innovative approaches, while also paying homage to tradition.

Her compositions introduce interesting concepts and employ previously unexplored playing techniques, pushing the boundaries of musical expression.


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