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Violin/Composition & Piano/Organ

Jaz DUO presents a fusion of multidimensionality, where the intertwining of violin and piano/organ, along with AMR's compositions under the pseudonym Clara Jaz, explores a blend of historical and contemporary instrumental techniques.

Their unique and unconventional approach takes listeners on an unforgettable journey of musical exploration.



Agata-Maria Raatz and Marcin Fleszar have been performing as a duo since 2011. With their versatile skills, they bring a unique combination to Jaz DUO.

Raatz is a talented violinist and composer, while Fleszar excels not only as a pianist but also as an organist and an expert in historical keyboard instruments. This exceptional combination makes Jaz DUO a truly unconventional ensemble.

They skillfully blend tradition with modernity and explore various art forms. Their performances have graced numerous international festivals and concerts, such as the Murten Classics Festival, where they performed Mendelssohn's "Double Concerto for Violin, Piano, and Chamber Orchestra," the Swiss Chambers Music Festival in Adelboden, PAN Centre Scientifique in Paris, and a special invitation by Prince Lubomirski to perform at the Slowacki Theatre in Krakow.


As prizewinners of the international chamber music competition "Orpheus" in Switzerland, they have been recognized for their exceptional musical talents. Currently, the DUO is embarking on an exciting project titled "The Four Seasons," featuring their own unique arrangement of Vivaldi's renowned four concertos for violin and organ in the picturesque Ferenbalm Church in Switzerland.

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